Saturday, November 12, 2011

We Made It

Not to worry, we made another safe trip back to Idaho.
Rexburg welcomed us with chilly winds a frost bitten grass.
It's real gloomy and I can't wait to be back in California.
Our drive seemed to pass by much quicker than a week and a half ago.
Probably because I slept alot.
Adam was feeling well enough to drive, thank heavens.
As usual, I had my three hour turn from Winnemucca toWells in there too.
We brought baby carrots, grapes, and of course Doritos, to keep us occupied.
Except this one baby carrot was pretending to be a cheez-ball.
Ok and so we clearly needed another creative "homemade" date.
And so we made tacos for dinner and caramel apples.
I know the pictures are blurry, but it's going to be fine.
Then we went to a BYU-Idaho function called ICover.
It's fairly self explanatory where bands cover popular songs. 
It was great entertainment for only $2.
Today we had plans of using my brothers truck and moving all
"the big stuff."
The bed, dressers, desk, etc.
And then this happened.

One additional reason why I hate Idaho.
We're hoping it clears up by later today because my brother is going back down to Utah tomorrow.
We will be leaving Idaho this coming Thursday.
Adam has a doctors appointment on Friday
Blood Work done on Saturday.
Back to chemo on Monday.
Adam is feeling pretty well for the most part.
He is up and able to move around.
He has been feeling disoriented a lot but nothing he can't handle.

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