Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Apple Hill

Once upon a time we got our first day off of chemo.
And with that free day I was NOT going to sit around and do nothing like I had for the past week.
We got up at the usual seven am and met up with some family to venture to Apple Hill.
My Aunt Tanya who is engaged to Matt and his son Henry.
And naturally my Prima and her husband Steven.
I had never been, thus didn't know what to expect.
In simple terms, it was like a ji-normo farmers market with an emphasis on apples.
They had the most deluctible apple treats along with freshly pressed apple juice.
Adam and I bought a gallon to take home.
There were local "crafty souls" there selling there homemade soaps and trinkets.
It was fun to drive along the apple orchards and to find other small farmers markets up the road.
Adam got pretty tired about half way through, which was expected.
So we headed home a little early.
It was freezing, so using him as an excuse was perfect. 
I'm so grateful for California.
And for activities.
And for no snow.
And of course,
I just love my Adam.
He is doing so much better the farther away we get from chemo days.
Still tired.
Still feels like he got hit by a truck.
But is able to get up and do things with me:)


  1. Oh my gosh, I love Apple Hill! I'm from Placerville, which is like ten minutes from there. The apple doughnuts and apple milkshakes are the best :)

  2. Love your pictures gorgeous girl :)

  3. I love seeing pictures of you and Adam looking so good! We continue to pray for you guys!

  4. I stop and think about when you and Miss were so silly and crazy. I never imagined that you would both grow up so fast and that you would have to truly demonstrate great strength and faith at 20 years old. Continue to grow Christina. You are doing amazing. I and all the rest of the family are behind you and Adam all the way. We love you two!