Friday, November 4, 2011

Really, Truly, Honestly

So a little too much information or not, 
this is a realistic blog and that is how it will stay.
Needless yet quite comical to mention,
I have a fantastic bowel movement cycle.
(this all ties in i promise)
So in Idaho i will regularly wake up thirty mins before my alarm goes off to well....
take care of business.
I woke up at 8 everyday for school.
And when it wasn't school, it was church.
Regardless, I'm on a very set schedule.
While forgetting about the time change my body still wants to wake up a half hour before the alarm goes off.
Luckily, with the chemo schedule, I need to be up at seven anyways.
Putting two and two together,
I still wake up at 8AM Idaho time.
Not putting two and two together,
that's taking care of business six thirty california time.
Now not to waste anymore time on the preface of this post.
I woke up at six thirty this morning and couldn't go back to sleep.
I was real anxious.
Today was a big day.
I took my written exam for my cosmetology license.
Passed with an 84%.
Didn't study and finished 110 questions in 20 out of the 90 minutes alotted.
I may be legally blind, but i'm a real fast reader.
Also, today was Adam's last day of chemo for another two weeks,
thus putting us at the end of cycle one.
As i tossed and turned and couldn't manage to count any sheep,
I thought about how grateful I am for husband I have.
I wiggled my cold toes between his warm ones and realized that many couples given this same situation,
couldn't do it.
They would blame each other for the "crappy" situation.
The trial would pull them apart instead of push them together.
They would give up.
I am just the luckiest.
Lucky to have a husband who doesn't get mad when I'm screaming and crying because I hate this.
But rather, wants to hold me to comfort me.
Lucky to have a husband who doesn't take his anger out on me when he feels light headed, nauseous, and weak,
But one who asks if we can cuddle while we watch a movie to relax.
Lucky to have a husband who doesn't get mad when I ask a favor of him,
But will drop what he is doing to help me, even with his achy, poison filled body.
I'm so grateful that we have taken this "treacherous mountain of a trial",
and turned it into a beautiful hike.
Lots of hard work, patience, and love.
One foot in front of the other.
Adam said to me a couple weeks ago,
"You know I couldn't do this without you."
Being the smart aleck I am, I said, "Well technically, without you I wouldn't have to do this."
But really, truly, honestly, 
I couldn't do it without him either.


  1. Dear Christina,
    How can your sarcasm make me cry? I guess it's because I know your heart and your heart is a great one :)
    Continue to count your blessings and see all that is good in your marriage! You seem to be doing a great job!
    Lots of love,
    Aunt Tanya

  2. Oh sweetheart,

    You are both so lucky to have one another. Congratulations for passing your exams beautifully. I think Aunt Tanya said everything I would want to say.
    Love you always,

  3. You just made me laugh then cry!! You are amazing!

  4. Thank you so much. We work hard everyday and for the times we can't, He carries us.

  5. christina. you are so strong. i had no idea and i stumbled upon your blog. your writing is beautiful---i'm in tears. i'm praying for adam and yourself. things WILL be ok. your marriage is probably stronger than those of people who have been married for 50+ years for all of the things you two have endured lately. congrats on finishing school-since i started there i've only heard about how great you are. you two are in my prayers. keep writing girl--i love keeping up on you two. love you. keep your chin up.