Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For better or for worse?

We have just accomplished day three of chemo.
After day two he wasn't feeling too good.
A little nauseous.
Super tired.
Really weak.
We wake up at seven every morning and leave the house by seven forty five.
If we aren't to chemo on time, 8:15am, then they don't let you do it. 
After Adam married Mrs. Anxiety, you had better believe we're almost never late.
This morning we get to chemo and a nurse, who we will call Blanchard, calls us into the "family room."
Onto the far other unfamiliar side. 
She prepped Adam's skin and made sure she found a thick enough vein for the IV.
Blanch then proceeded to "misfire".
She probably had the needle in his arm for a whole solid minute and was stirring it around til she got some blood flowing into the IV. 
Needless to say, Adam was miserable and we knew it wouldn't be a good day.
Then she gave Adam some anti-nausea pills and a cup of water to drink them down that had what appeared to be a boogie stuck to the inside of the cup.
Maybe Blanch doesn't like younger couples.
The drip went on and what seemed like the longest treatment of our lives.
The IV bags drip one at a time.
The first one is always some saline.
Then magnesium.
Then liquid Platinum.
Then something that freezes off warts, in liquid form. Nitrogen?
Then the rest of the Saline.
Adam is really tired.
All the time.
He is so weak.
He expressed to me today that, "He feels like he is drowning."
Hair hasn't fallen out quite yet. 
We're expecting that in a week or two.
I talked to a different nurse about my expectations about what i thought chemo would be like.
I told her they might as well be mixing it in a caldron and all wear witch hats and while it's in the IV bags it's probably boiling.
As the nurse laughed at my description, she said, "But aren't you so glad it's not like that? Chemo is a happy place. It's not about dying, you're here because you're surviving."
Enjoy some pictures from our past two days:)
Day two picture above.
I had the privilege of taking my sister-in-law, Kenz, to "neverland" by giving her a pixie after yesterdays treatments.
Ergo, if you need your haircut, I'D BE HONORED.
Today was me and Adam's 2 month wedding anniversary! So while he was sleeping I snuck away and got him a "Love You" balloon.
The nurse commented, "Wow, only two months? You sure got to hell and back really quick."
Oh Blanch, you have no idea.
But, I know we will get through this.
I know we are getting stronger everyday.
Happy 2 Months Adam Call Nelson:):)


  1. Wow! I can't believe that Adam has cancer! I knew him in high school because we were in the same ward. You two will be in our prayers! (I saw a post on facebook about you (his wife) having a blog.)

    And congrats on the 2 month anni =)

  2. Aww Happy Anniversary you two. I am sorry day three was so rough. I am sure the balloon, encouragement and love are doing amazing for him. xoxo

  3. Stumbled across your blog through a friend's blog, and I'm hooked. I'm from the Sacramento area as well, and moved to Idaho for school (UofI). I'm amazed by you two and I can't even imagine dealing with all that you have to. You and Adam are in my thoughts.