Sunday, November 27, 2011


As most people discover over the holiday season, balance gets justified. 
One too many desserts.
Four too many glasses of sparkling cider.
A justified extra $100 on the most perfect Christmas present.
I've decided this holiday season I'm not budging.
I want, and more than that, I NEED to stay within the boundaries this year.
"Too much of anything isn't good for you," right?
Spiritual, mental, physical and emotional balance is what I"m striving for this holiday season.
It's when you have self control the life seems to roll out smoother.
And with that, comes some of my personal changes.
Exercise more, eat less.
Pray more, stress less.
Love more, argue less.
Study more, procrastinate less.

Someone once told me that if you tell someone you're goals out loud,
there is an 85% chance it's going to happen.
My blogging proclamation.

On another note, Adam introduced me to a little slice of Mexico.
Welcome to Denio's Auction & Market.
Where Mexican's gather and sell produce or other misc. items for real Mexico prices.
AKA ultra cheap.
Adam and I decided that getting our produce here was far tastier and much easier on the budget.
We made it a tradition to go back every Saturday morning.
9 LBS of Oranges for $3.
30 LBS of Potatoes for $4.
2 baskets of strawberries for $2.
10 Limes for $1.
6 LBS of Plantains for $3.
 With all the oranges, we decided to make fresh squeezed orange juice.
And since, I've decided there is nothing better.
Except maybe this.

Sometimes I play dress up with Adam out of the blankets the hospital provides, when we get bored at Chemo.
This weeks character: Monk.


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