Sunday, November 6, 2011

Date Night

Sometimes when you're newly married and don't have money and your husband gets cancer,
you move in with your ever-so-generous in-laws.
And sometimes when your husband is always sick, weekend dates get creative.
We sat at home in our sweat pants with The Big Bang Theory on,
wanting so badly to make some Neiman Marcus cookies. 
My newly acquired "aunt-in-law" if you will, Aunt Cathy, called and asked what we were doing.
She wanted to stop by for a visit when we told her we were going to the store.
Bless that beautiful lady for saving us a trip to the store and for bringing us almost every ingredient for these delightful cookies.
While we were making them I decided that was our date.
We mixed em up, stirred em up, plopped em in the oven and violla!

The most perfect cookies in the world.
And here's the thing about trying out new recipes.
You can buy the most expensive ingredients, and follow directions without flaw,
but how do you really know that some mixed up flour and sugar with a couple eggs is going to turn into a cookie after it's scorched with heat?
Because you have faith.
That is how you KNOW.
Faith has been on my mind a lot lately because I feel like that's what keeps me sane.
It's the days that I'm lacking faith that I get all ski-womp-es and forget the big picture.
It's those "bad thinking" times that I get too self centered and only care about how my life was "ruined" because of cancer.
Because you know, really, if I had chosen to not get married, 
I would have a fabulous job, with fabulous people.
I wouldn't be poor or living back with parents.
I would be able to eat out when I want and buy new clothes without asking.
I would be able to have my own bed.
But guess what Christina?
You CHOSE to get married to the man of your dreams.
and so, 
you promised to be by his side.
Ergo, instead of my "bad thinking",
I have to believe that this is all going to work out.
I have to keep believing that God is with us everyday, helping us to be more patient and loving.
I have to believe that there is a reason why Adam found out he has cancer AFTER we got married, even though he probably got it a year ago when we first starting dating.
I have to believe that the job offers that I wanted to take more than anything in this world, will hopefully still be available when all this is over.
I have to believe that as a twenty year old girl that I was given this situation to make me grow.
So that maybe someday, when someone else's faith is lacking, they can borrow mine.

"A faith is a necessity to a man. Woe to him who believes in nothing."
Victor Hugo


  1. christina, cool posts. really inspiring. keep the faith!

  2. Wow, I agree. This is simply inspiring! I'm so glad you married my brother!!

  3. Your blog is definitely inspiring. It takes a strong person and marriage to become stronger from it. <3
    By the way, there is a giveaway on my blog you should check out, free stuff you can win! :)

  4. Hey CH
    Just wanted to let you know that my prayers go out to you in this time. I know that it's tough but I know you can do this. I don't know if you've ever heard Chris Medina's song, he was on American Idol for a while. His song is all about his wife; his wife was in a car accident while they were engaged. This song goes out to her.

  5. YA BESTIE!!! Love you! Your amazing