Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Welcome to the new world!
I am so excited we are cancer free I can't even blog anymore!! 
But really.
Now what do I do.
This was my outlet to the world of Adam's crazy medical"ness" and now that it's all over..
<fingers already crossed for the next scan in May>
I don't have anything more exciting than the next fashion, cupcake making, tea drinking, mother of the perfect four, skinny and sewing blogger.
And so, I post about being a LAB RAT.

I signed up to do a glutamate weight loss study at UC Davis. 
Meeting with a dietician once a week AND getting paid to lose weight??
Why wouldn't I?
Well, because I only get to eat 1500 calories a day. 
Most certainly.
But what about those wee hours of the night when a bag of chips and cheesecake are the only things on my mind! 
To break it down I have about 40 appointments with these researchers over the course of 6 months. 
The first 9 weeks I am to lose 5-10% of my body weight.
Then the next week is testing galore. 
I believe I'm doing like 25 hours of tests that week.
Then it's research time.
For 4 weeks they give me all my meals and before each one I drink 4 oz of broth.
The broth is either MSG or just a salt broth. Double blind here folks.
Then more testing and I'm free.
Six months is a long time.

To being healthy and supporting scientists!!  

Also, I'm headed to Fresno tomorrow for some more haircuts, colors, and lashes.
LOVE my job:)
Below is a snap from my most recent shoot. 
Clearly obsessed with the ombre technique.