Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Cancer Wife

This is Courtney Palmer.
 Real gorgeous, I know.
She has been my closest friend throughout hair school.
Also, a member of the dream team.
Her husband, David, has cancer as well.
Perhaps our friendship was heaven sent.
She has helped me through this whole crazy life.
The wedding, the chemo, the school.
She knows a lot and is a great secret keeper.
She is real blunt and cannot, no matter how hard she tries, hold in her most honest opinion.
People who don't really know her think she is super rude.
She has been my little life saver through it all.
Meet cancer husband, David.

Both are real model-esque.
Dave was diagnosed with stage 2 Lymphoma probably 4 months ago.
He has been through I believe 5 chemo treatments.
He has 3 left to go.
Court and Dave have been married 3 years, 3 months and 12 days.
He is a graphic designer and she is a hair stylist with a passion for fashion.
Check out her blog:
A Fancy Day
Courtney was there when Adam and I were just first dating and he was home for winter semester and I was lonely, to the time he left for doctors appointments and full body scans just 3 weeks ago.
I have asked her what has been most helpful to her with all this going on in her life.
She told me that it is important to remember ourselves, the wives, too.
So frequently friends and family would ask, so how is Dave doing? 
As sweet and thoughtful all the concern for him was, what about her?
She was having to deal with him having treatments, and side effects, and doctors appointments, too.
It's important to make time for yourself.
Go to the gym, go to dinner with friends, do things that don't make you feel depressed when life is full of challenges.
It's hard to be so selfless when it isn't a choice.
I am so grateful for her love and friendship. 
She is so hopeful and so kind.
She is always forgiving, but never gives up. 
She is determined and happy. 
She is crazy and hilarious.
I'm so proud of her for just pushing through when everything seems to get so hectic, so doubtful, and so complicated. 

From my ugliest hair colors to my more recent;
Here's to Courtness.
(okay she isn't dying, and neither is her husband, but I just love her and she needs a tribute.)


  1. This is sweetest/nicest/most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you! I love you so much. Thanks for being the greatest friend I could have ever asked for you! You are way stronger than I am and I look up to you more than you! Best Friends forever ya ya ya!

  2. I stumbled across you blog from Courtney's blog. I just have to say thank you. I love your strength and inspiration. My husband reached his mark of being in remission for 5 years this past summer. How grateful I am for those who have offered support and love through difficult times and for modern technology and knowledge. Wishing you and the Palmer's the best through this time. My prayers are with your families.