Sunday, October 16, 2011


 Lessons to be learned are oh so numerous.
During this life we encounter trials to test our faith and our actions.
I have talked with many close friends and family members over the past couple weeks and have realized the strength and faith that comes from them. 
However when all is said and done, regardless of the support given to your by loved ones,
the consequence of our actions always falls on us. 
This makes reacting to our trials complex.
A commonly asked question, "Why do bad things always happen to good people?"
After all it's probably the good people who will be able to handle it and grow from it.
I have always been a more bubbly and positive spirit.
This cancer trial, in particular, has stretched my positive attitude to almost the opposite pole.
Meanwhile, I have learned so many things and I hope you can learn them too.
1. Do not try to control what is out of your control. You will always fail.
2. Always have faith and do what you KNOW is right for you. In doing so, the Lord will bless you more than you could have ever imagined.
3. This life is the time we are to be tested. We don't necessarily receive our reward in this life.
4. Focus on what is RIGHT in life.
5. There will be a time in your life when you can't help yourself and so you must receive; but God will also give us another opportunity to give, and when it's my time, I'll know and I'll do it because when I couldn't do it for myself, someone else did.
6. Life never happens how you expect it; but that isn't because God doesn't love you, it's because his way will make you one thousand times happier than you could have ever made yourself.
 Now for your long awaited report.
Adam got his PET scan yesterday and said it wasn't the most pleasant thing. He should be getting the results back soon.
CROSS YOUR FINGERS for tomorrow!
He meets with the oncologist on Wednesday where he will learn more about his treatment plan.
We still haven't decided if we will be staying in Rexburg or moving home for a short period of time while Adam gets his treatments.
But we will know soon:)

"Sometimes the Lord will calm the sea;
Other times he lets the sea rage and calms His child."

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