Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's GOING TO BE fine

Over the past week I have thought alot about the phrase "it's going to be fine."
"Going to be" is clearly future tense. Well what about right now?
I know the future will be fine. That's why I sealed myself to him for time and all eternity in this thing.
So that everything would always be fine. I think many people most often want to hear the "latest report" rather than the day to day struggles the trail is imposing. 
Honestly, it's been harder going day to day without him than knowing he is sick. 
Although the illness is the cause of it all, let's try to think more of the "Day to Day" than the end result.
Long awaited "report".
Adam has part of his abdomen scanned to see if the cancer had spread elsewhere and surprise!
There it was. 
Tumors were found in his lymph nodes around his spleen and his liver. 
They are going to be doing another full body scan on Saturday to see where else the little guys wanted to explore. 
He meets with an oncologist tomorrow and will find out some more about our treatment options.
He feels fine.
So fine, he went and got his scan and went shooting with his two brothers and made it back just in time to hear the results from scan. 
I'm so happy he doesn't feel "sick" yet.
I'm going to school from 9:30am to 10:00pm everyday so I can be back with him ASAP.
But like I have heard a million times, it's going to be fine.

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