Monday, October 17, 2011

The Happenings

My mother Brenda June Engeler came for a surprise visit.

I had just about wrapped up a long day at the Hair Academy and a girl tells me some lady wants her layers trimmed up.
First of all, no one ever asks that.
Second of all, she was standing with her back to me and leaning on the front desk counter.
No one ever does that either.
I sort of rolled my eyes , not wanting to take another appointment so late in the day.
When I realized that wasn't my choice, I focused more and said that looks like the back of my mom.
She turns around and ta-da! In Idaho. 
I had no idea.
Needless to mention, if you know my mother, we got much accomplished while she was here.
1. She managed to complete 8-9 loads of my laundry.
2. Stocked me up on groceries and made me every meal for the past 3 days.
3. Drug my behind out of bed to finish my thank you notes for the wedding gifts.
4. Got me to fill out my State Board of Cosmetology Application and mail it in.
5. Dropped off a gi-normo bag of misc items to DI.
6. Got my bike from my old apartment.
7. Found out my first bit of GOOD NEWS regarding ADAM CALL NELSON!

ERGO, an update.
We got the results back from the PET scan and thank sweet moses they didn't find any more tumors than the ones in his lymph nodes by his liver and spleen. 
He meets with the oncologist Wednesday where we will learn more about his treatment plan and decide what we shall do with our crazy life. 
Hopefully the plan will be to be crazy together. 
I can't handle much more of this apart business. 

It's really been kicking my butt lately.
Honestly, (and i only mention this because i vowed to keep this a realistic blog.)
some days, when people would ask how i am right now,
I would say, well i'm awake and brushing my teeth.
And some days that's all I felt i could do.
It's hard to be by yourself when your meant to be together.
It's hard to be 20 and have to handle illnesses that you only hear of your grandparents getting.
It's hard to go to school for 12 hours a day and feel motivated to do anything else when you get home.
But then someone always comes along and picks you up, and gets you going.
Love and miss my man.


  1. We're praying for're the toughest kid I know. :)

  2. I am so glad your beautiful mother came to visit you. It looks like you needed some Mama time. I continue to keep you and your man in my prayers. Love you so much sweetheart.

  3. Your blog is beautiful, just like you. I have the photo you sent with the reception invition on my refrigerator, so I see you two several times a day. I'm praying for you (duh)and hoping for the best for you. Just breathe, and pray, and love him. You will get through this. Love you, and love your courage and insights.