Friday, December 16, 2011

Big Girl?

So this is how it all happened.
I went to lunch on Tuesday with my mother-in-law and her ever-so-fabulous friend Becky.
Becky mentioned an apartment management position in Davis that was needing to be filled "yesterday".
We got home from lunch and I grabbed my laptop and Adam and we headed off to chemo.
There we updated our resumes and faxed them off to the property management company.
With a great referral from Becky's son and daughter-in-law, we got a call the next morning for an interview in Davis.
After two hours of questions and answers and viewing the complex, we rushed home to get to chemo again on Wednesday.
Thursday morning we called "Boss Lady" and got ourselves a JOB!!
This includes: a free two bedroom apartment and a full time job managing 48 units in Davis, California.
We move in on Monday and we are so so excited!!
This kind of stuff does not just happen to people. 
Thus the reason I know "all y'all's" prayers are working:)
But hello!!! 
Does this mean I'm a big girl now??
Married, Cancer, Managing Apartments??
All BEFORE I'm twenty-one??
Okay, okay little mija is growing up fast:)


  1. I do think you are a big girl now! But seriously, what a blessing for you guys! We're so happy for you. :)

  2. You are going to be an awesome Manager! So proud of my big girl!

  3. You two will have such a great time!