Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Giving in the Family Room

Chemo is filled with so much holiday cheer this week!
Yesterday Adam was in a chair next to a lady who lost all her hair but was wearing a santa hat.
Not to mention her red shirt, black shoes, and "a little round belly that shook when she laughed like a bowl full of jelly."
She got a little fiesty with the nurse when she tried to stick her to get the IV in, but that's understandable.
All the nurses are wearing festive scrubs and around the holiday season the visitors start bringing gifts.
My Aunt came in and brought us a bag full of mandarin oranges.
My grammy came the day before with a giant box filled with wrapped gifts.
Thinking she was going to be handing out a present to all the cancer patients in chemo that day I said,
"Uh, excuse me, what are you doing?"
"Well every year I do the Twelve Days of Christmas for people having a difficult time. And you, my dear, are having a difficult time."
Grammy has always been so selfless and thoughtful.
She has an unwavering faith and love for her Savior and shows that through her service.She provides all types of service for people older and younger than her, related and unrelated, more often than just this time of year.
With the box that she gave us we are able to open one present everyday til Christmas.
It has been so fun to grab a present on our way into chemo and open it while we're there.
I hope we can all grasp the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season by focusing on giving more of ourselves, the gift that only you can give.
Also, this is my Grammy.
And it's true, she doesn't have wrinkles:)
76 and looking gorgeous:)


  1. I Love doing 12 days of Christmas. My mom did that for us last year it was so much fun! The best way to serve someone for sure! Love you Miss you!