Sunday, January 1, 2012

Time Off.

Here's the thing.
My favorite thing about the holidays is relaxing and taking "time off."
Ergo, the reason for no blogging.
I like to do it, but not as much as some people.
And some days it most certainly feels more like a chore.
This is clearly not a post of perfectly set up Christmas trees with neatly wrapped presents and pictures of hot apple cider.
That's great if that's what your life is really like..but mine? Nah.
Adam and I still had a fantastic Christmas:)
But no time for cute pictures with moving into our new apartment in Davis.
We LOVE Davis:)
It was a heaven sent job opportunity with a two bedroom one full bath apartment.
Right close to downtown but far enough away that we're not trampling over pedestrians.
How could we resist??
We have been busy moving and celebrating Christmas and starting a new job.
We are so blessed to end the year this way! 
With all things we have learned and all the perspectives that have changed over the past four months,
we are excited to start a new year:)
I decided an end of the year photo shoot will be necessary.
A new tradition I decided just now:)
Here are a few pictures from our very first New Years Eve shoot.
Thanks to my prima for the beautiful shots portraying our trail, our love, and our friendship.



  1. Cute! Love Adams shoes. For a second I thought you had two refrigerators... weird. More pictures of your home please! Miss you!

  2. umm HELLO second to the last pic posted might be a fav for forever! ...EXCEPT for that stupid pole that loos like its coming out of your head. and yay for me commenting on blog post now! i may or may not have been checking your blog every half hour to see when you would post these dang pictures...

  3. Christina,

    Jessi shared with me your story and this amazing blog. Ever since I have heard, my prayers have been with you and Adam. I am so sorry that you are facing such a challenge, but you do with with humor, faith, and smile on your face. You are an inspiration and I just wanted to let you know that I love you and thinking about you and Adam.
    Keep smiling.....Sister Gilley